Community protests co-location in West LA


Join us at our next TEAch Community Meeting!

The next TEAch community meeting will take place this Tuesday, November 19th from 6 to 8 PM at the LAANE/CLUE offices, 464 Lucas Ave./LA, CA 90017. We will be organizing the community to take action by speaking out at upcoming LAUSD Board Meetings! Snacks will be served.

Bungalows and co-location at Boyle Heights elementary school

Coverage from CBS News of the battle at Lorena Street Elementary School in Boyle Heights over a charter co-location approved without input from the community at a campus scheduled for bungalow removal:

‘The co-location, which would be for the 2013-2014 school year, was announced five days before school ended.

Parents, teachers and community leaders believe there was no time to make necessary detailed plans about how classroom space and school operations will be shared.

“We’re celebrating being 100 years in the Boyle Heights community, so this is a horrible way to acknowledge that 100 years having the intrusion of a school that’s basically business interest,” teacher Oscar Florez said.

The school was planning on removing bungalows that limited their playground space, but parents now fear they will stay.

“When there’s two schools in one, there’s a huge struggle with the space,” Karla Gomez said. “We only have one playground. We only have one auditorium.”’

Read the full article and view video coverage of the community protests here.